• Kaientai and Shinsengumi
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    Kaientai and Shinsengumi

    Sakamoto Ryoma formed Kameyama company to Nagasaki in 1865. The company traded for the settlement of Satsuma Domain and the Choshu Domain. Ryoma became a captain of Kaientai in 1867.
    In 1863, a lordless samurai group of the Shogunate entered Kyoto. Part remained in Kyoto, and formed a new samurai group in Mibu. They were given the name of Shinsengumi by the Imperial Court for their work in the Coup of August 18.
    They were very advanced groups. We display a document of Kaientai and Shinsengumi.

    September 9,2020 to January 24,2021

Introducing the Ryozen Museum of History, an institution dedicated to exploring the Bakumatsu period and the Meiji Restoration

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